We Offer:  A remote polling service that allows customers internet access to their sites from any Web browser, Allowing customer’s access to the application running on our servers at our Data Center. Through high speed Ethernet or modem dial-up communications, can communicate with your ATGs and retrieve important fuel management, alarm and compliance data.

More Functions

  • We will support connectivity to the following ATGs:
    • INCON TS-5 series (TS-3,TS-550, TS-5000)
    • INCON TS-1001 series (1001, 2001, 504, 508, 750)
    • EBW Autostik (Bulkstik, Autostik Jr. (version 3.905 or greater)
    • Veeder Root TLS-300, 350 and Gilbarco EMC Automatic Tank Gauges
  • Connection can be established via Ethernet or internal modem.
  • The Data Center will store two year’s worth of data for each site and allow you to export your data.


  • E-mails or text messages are immediately sent upon receipt of an alarm notification from the ATG, lowering service costs, downtime and raising throughput.
  • Automatically and reliably retrieves fuel management and compliance data from all sites eliminating reporting errors, lost printouts and ensuring all data is in one place, freeing up site personnel for other tasks.
  • Hardware and software is maintained by us, eliminating the need to purchase, install or maintain a server to monitor your sites.
  • Secure access to site data from anywhere means being able to view data with immediate accuracy from home, office or the road.
  • Daily usage and delivery forecast tools help to accurately schedule fuel drops and eliminate running out.
  • Wide variety of reports and date range options generate various compliance, alarm and inventory reports.
  • Centralized, secure compliance information for all your sites is accessible in minutes.

Polling Service Details

  • We host the Server, and the Application which provides internet access to it.
  • Online training and phone/e-mail support available.
  • You can browse to the web site from home, the office, on the road, or anywhere you have internet access.
  • Customers can monitor their own sites and respond to alarms, compliance issues and perform fuel management.
  • Rules can be created to send out e-mails and text messages on alarms and other events.
  • All sites will be polled at least once daily and more frequent polling options are available.
  • consists of an auto-renewing one year agreement that can be discontinued at any time with a 60 day notice.
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