• E-mails or text messages are
immediately sent upon receipt of an
alarm notification from the console to
help lower service costs, provide less
downtime and help have a
higher throughput.

• Automatically and reliably retrieves
fuel management and compliance data
from all sites to eliminate reporting
errors, lost printouts and keep all
data in one place. This frees up site
personnel for other tasks.

• Hardware and software is maintained
by FFS so there is no need to
purchase, install or maintain a server
to monitor your sites.

• Secure access to site data from
anywhere so you can view data with
immediate accuracy from your home,
office or the road.

• Daily usage and delivery forecast tools
help to accurately schedule fuel drops
and eliminate running out.

• A wide variety of reports and date
range options help generate
various compliance, alarm and
inventory reports.

• Centralized, secure compliance
information makes all your sites
accessible in minutes.

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